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Who are you?

My name is Tom. You can read more about me here.

Why did you build this?

The New York Times wields incredible influence. It provides the shared context for most of the conversations I have with people.

But despite its importance I don't hear much about how articles end up on the front page, how the headlines are chosen, or what articles people like the most.

So I built NYT Tracker to track how NYT articles change over time. This lets me:

  • See how headlines are A/B tested
  • See what articles spend the most time on the front page
  • See what articles are viewed/shared/emailed the most

If you have any other ideas for what to track on NYT Tracker, let me know!

Where is this data coming from?

I scrape the NYT homepage every few minutes and pull out all the headlines. I combine this data with canonical article data form the New York Times' official API, and serve it up hot to all you fine folks.